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Lincoln Ultimate Brush with Plaiting Kit

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Blue with Black Plaiting Bands
Blue with White Plaiting Bands
Pink with White Plaiting Bands
Pink with Black Plaiting Bands
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This Lincoln Ultimate Brush with Plaiting Kit is perfect for your grooming kit. It can be used for removing mud and dirt or when bathing/shampooing to remove those tricky stains. The plaiting kit contains a Lincoln plait aid to help with the division of equal sections of mane as well as plaiting bands to secure the plaits.


equus bullet Ultimate brush helps to remove mud and stains when grooming or bathing

equus bullet Includes plait aid to help with the division of mane

equus bullet Includes plaiting bands to secure plaits

equus bullet Transparent lid to prevent loss of equipment

equus bullet Available in blue with white plaiting bands, blue with black plaiting bands, pink with white plaiting bands and pink with black plaiting bands

equus bullet Easy storage

 We say

This is perfect for competition preparation due to all equipment being being stored together, you will no longer have to keep going back to your grooming kit.

Suggested uses

Everyday use when grooming the horse or for bathing and shampooing your horse to remove stubborn stains.


Plastic brush and plaiting aid with rubber plaiting bands.