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Lincoln Revitalising Wash

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Revitalising horse body wash for use after heavy work

Lincoln Revitalising Body Wash is for use after exercise and heavy work. It will cool, invigorate and cleanse your horse's skin. No rinse solution means you can use it without giving your horse a bath. Contains natural Tea Tree Oil. Comes in 500ml bottle.


equus bullet Revitalising horse body wash

equus bullet Contains Tea Tree Oil

equus bullet No rinse so no need to bath, simply sponge on

We say

This no rinse wash will enable you to keep your horse’s skin clean without having to bath him. Cool, invigorating and cleansing, simply sponge on and leave to dry after exercise or heavy work.

Suggested uses

Use after exercise or heavy work.

Care instructions

Simply sponge on.


Contains Tea Tree Oil.

Size Guide

Available in a 500ml or 4 Litre bottle.