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Lincoln Muddy Buddy Powder

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The Lincoln Muddy Buddy Powder is from the Muddy Buddy Range is a strong antibacterial agent and it's water repellent so once applied, it'll provide a barrier to mud and water. It is a valuable treatment when caring for a horse which suffers from skin irritations such as mud fever in wet conditions.


equus bullet Powerful antibacterial properties for treating and preventing mud fever.

equus bullet Water repellent barrier to shield skin from moisture and dirt.

equus bullet Maintains hygiene.

equus bullet 350g.

We Say

This powder is very easy to apply to dry legs and provides effective protection, it's such a useful product to have in your grooming kit and is an excellent treatment and prevention for mud fever in horses.

Suggested uses

Apply before turnout or exercise when it's wet underfoot.


For more information about mud fever treatment, take a look at our blog - What is mud fever and how do I treat it?

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