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Leovet No Rub

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Prevents rubbing of the mane and tail

A very effective tonic from Leovet that actively controls scurf problems and prevents mane and tail rubbing. The ingredients are well known for skin therapy and conditioning, it also encourages strong, healthy hair growth.


equus bullet Effective against dandruff and mane and tail rubbing

equus bullet Relieves itching

equus bullet Contains bio-sulphur and urea which help to normalise biological processes

equus bullet Hair becomes shiny and healthy.

We Say

If your horse rubs itself raw and bald, this could be the answer to the problem. A soothing liquid that offers immediate relief and long term recovery.

Suggested uses

General horse care for horses suffering from itching and irritation, apply to the skin and hair roots for the best effect.


Contains Bio-sulphurous Fluid and Urea.

Size Guide

Available in a 500ml bottle.