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Kevin Bacon's Hoof Solution

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Treatment for thrush and smelly frogs

Made of entirely natural products, Kevin Bacon's hoof solution is a very old remedy with powerful bactericidal and fungicidal properties. It has been developed by farriers and vets and is the only product which will dry out, clean and treat infected or sensitive horny tissues deep down. Easy to use and fast acting, it has strong antiseptic and astringent qualities which are very successful in the treatment of thrush and other hoof infections.


equus bullet Easy to use

equus bullet Fast acting

equus bullet Strong antiseptic and astringent properties

equus bullet Can be used to treat and prevent thrush and white line disease

equus bullet Can also be used as a preventative measure to maintain healthy hooves.

We Say

This is a must have for the medicine box of owners of thrush prone horses, a thick, easy to use preparation which really deals with the problem.

Suggested uses

For the maintenance of healthy soft tissues in the hoof, apply once a week. For treatment of infections daily applications are needed.

Size Guide

Available in a 150ml bottle.