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Kevin Bacon's Active Soap

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The Kevin Bacon Active Fly Repellent Soap is completely natural with anti-bacterial, fly repelling properties. It will cleanse and soothe sore, bitten, itchy skin for immediate relief.


equus bullet Simple, fast acting, effective, natural and non-toxic.

equus bullet Fights the itchiness caused by midges, flies, mites, tinea, strongyles and grubs.

equus bullet Contains natural fly repellent properties.

equus bullet Great for sweet itch, sweat rash and mud fever.

equus bullet Handmade from plant oils and extracts and essential oils.

equus bullet Protects, shines and strengthens the hair.

We Say

This multi use fly repellent soap treats a wide range of skin problems, it's well worth a try if your horse is suffering. For additional protection, take a look at our Sweet Itch Protection For Horses Collection.

Suggested uses

General horse care, daily application to horses with sweet itch or skin irritations. No need to rinse for intense treatment or if using as a fly repellent.


Plant oil soap, essential oils, plant extracts, glycerine, no chemical preservatives.

Size Guide

Available in a 100g bar.