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Keratex Mud Shield Powder

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The Keratex Mud Shield Powder is a light disinfecting talc that gives horse's legs a breathable, silky coating which is both cleansing and waterproof. It is easy to apply to dry legs before turnout and is very resilient and long lasting. A highly acclaimed product that is well known and appreciated by the equestrian community for the prevention of debilitating mud fever in horses.


equus bullet Provides a waterproof barrier to legs.

equus bullet Disinfectant to aid in the treatment of mud fever.

equus bullet Breathable to prevent overheating.

equus bullet Forms a silky layer to leg hair so mud slides off easily.

equus bullet Ideal for horses who suffer from mud fever and similar water or mud related problems.

equus bullet Simple, easy-to-use bottle.

equus bullet Powder can be puffed onto dry legs, pasterns and fetlocks for all-round coverage and protection.

We Say

This powder takes no time to apply and is a really proactive way of preventing mud fever. For more mud fever treatment and prevention, take a look at our blog - what is mud fever and how do I treat it?

Suggested uses

Apply before turnout or exercise when the conditions are wet and muddy.

Size Guide

Available in a 450g 'puff' bottle.