Hydrophane Protocon Ointment

Heavy duty water resistant mud fever barrier cream

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The Hydrophane Protocon Ointment is a thick, heavy duty cream that creates a strong, water resistant barrier whilst relieving and cleansing the skin. It is an excellent mud fever barrier cream as it forms a waterproof layer to protect the skin from bacteria. 


equus bullet Soothing, disinfecting skin and heel ointment.

equus bullet Forms a waterproof barrier to protect against mud borne bacteria.

equus bullet Ideal for use in wet, muddy conditions for the treatment and prevention of mud fever in horses.

We Say

This tried and tested barrier cream has been used with success for many years by horse owners looking to prevent and treat mud fever. For more information about mud fever, take a look at our blog - What is mud fever and how do I treat it?

Suggested uses

Apply to clean legs and heels to treat and prevent mud related problems.

Size Guide

Available in 250g and 500g tubs.