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11065 HKM Men's Husky Winter Thermo Boots
11065 HKM Men's Husky Winter Thermo Boots

HKM Men's Husky Winter Thermo Boots

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The HKM Husky Winter Thermo Long Yard Boots are a great addition to any winter wardrobe. These men's yard boots are designed to keep your feet toasty warm. They are highly insulated - the boots are completely lined with a polyester inner fabric. The sole is waterproof and the boot is waterproof to the ankle. These men's equestrian boots feature laces on the front for style as well as a zip on the back, making them easy to slip on and off. The laces are adjustable to give a custom fit to any calf size. Wear with a pair of our Men's Equestrian Socks. Available in Black. 

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Available in sizes UK 9 (EU 43), UK 10 (EU 44), UK 10.5 (EU 45) or UK 11 (EU 46).