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Hilton Herbs Mud Defender Lotion

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This soothing, gentle lotion from Hilton Herbs is rich in aloe vera, coconut oil and essential oils and can used to treat mud fever. It can be applied to any part of the body to soften scabs and support skin cell and hair regeneration. This mud fever cream should be applied to clean, dry legs before turnout or stabling. It offers both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and although it is not a barrier cream, the oils will provide a layer of water repellence.


equus bullet Pleasant smelling, mild lotion for the treatment of mud fever.

equus bullet Contains plant extracts, infused and essential oils and Propolis which has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

equus bullet Helps to maintain the body's natural resistance to mud dwelling bacteria for the prevention of mud fever as well as the treatment.

equus bullet Safe to apply to sore, scabbed, abraded skin.

equus bullet Can be used on any part of the body.

equus bullet Does not sting on application.

equus bullet Not designed to be used as a barrier cream, but the oils do help to deter water penetration.

We Say

Highest quality ingredients make this healing lotion a great item to have in your equine health kit, great for relieving and treating the symptoms of mud fever or any other skin condition.

Suggested uses

For the treatment of sore skin resulting from mud fever.


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Aloe vera gel, Coconut oil, Propolis infused oil and tincture, Echinacea, Liquorice, Myrhh, Goldenseal and Calendula tinctures, Calendula and hypericum infused oil, tea tree and rosemary essential oils.

Size Guide

Available in 500ml or 1L bottles.