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Hilton Herbs Bye Bye Itch Lotion

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Natural, herbal mixture for seasonal irritation in horses

This pleasant smelling lotion from Hilton Herbs contains a potent mix of natural oils and ingredients that will help horses who suffer from irritations such as sweet itch or fly bites. It also encourages hair re-growth.


equus bullet Soothing, cooling lotion that smells lovely

equus bullet Use anywhere on the body to soothe irritation

equus bullet Encourages hair re-growth

equus bullet With essential oils and aloe vera

equus bullet Contains coconut oil - a great product for healthy, shiny, soft hair.

We Say

Spend time massaging this lovely, strong smelling formulation into your horse's skin, it will help to relieve irritation and your horse will thank you for it!

Suggested uses

On the yard, turn out, in the stable, every day care of horses who suffer from summer irritations such as sweet itch.


Contains Coconut oil, Aloe Vera, MSM, Rosemary Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil.

Size Guide

Available in a 500ml bottle.