Gold Label Pink Ointment Plus MSM

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Long-established Salve For Cracked Skin

This traditional antibacterial pink salve from Gold Label is brilliant for the treatment of dry or cracked skin. The greasy base can help form a protective barrier against the germs which arise from muddy and wet conditions.


equus bullet Contains only natural ingredients

equus bullet Supports skin health and maintenance

equus bullet Benefits dry and cracked skin

equus bullet Greasy base helps to protect against mud borne diseases

equus bullet Safe anti-bacterial made more effective by the presence of MSM.

We Say

This product is natural, gentle and soothing for sore cracked skin, it has stood the test of time and is well worth having in your horse's medical box.

Suggested uses

Apply to sores and cracks to soothe the skin and protect from the unwanted microbes present in muddy, wet fields.

Size Guide

Comes in a 200g or 400g tub.