Global Herbs SuperCalm Syringe

Handy syringe containing a mixture of calming ingredients


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Global Herbs SuperCalm Syringe is super handy for those times when you need an instant calming effect. This calming herbal mix reduces nervousness and excitability and improves focus. Ideal for use before competitions or stressful events. Results can usually be seen within an hour. Molasses free.

Feeding Guidelines 

For a 500kg horse, half of one syringe (15ml) equals one measure. Administer one measure 60 minutes prior to competition or stressful event. For extra efficacy, also administer one measure 12 hours before this.

What's in it 

Plant extracts (Winter Cherry, Holy Basil, Amla, Mango), Aqua, Mg Chelate.

Size Guide

Available in a single syringe, containing 2 doses.