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Gatehouse Chelsea Pro Air Vent Matt Riding Hat

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Gatehouse Chelsea Pro Air Vent Matt Riding Hat offers a stylish and flattering finish whilst providing good ventilation for a high level of comfort. This riding hat offers maximum protection and is Kitemarked to the latest hat regulation standards PAS 015:2011 and VG1 01.040 2014-12. This lightweight riding hat has an elegant profile and is fully ventilated with a new matt vent style to keep your head cool whether you are out competing or everyday riding. Designed with comfort in mind the Chelsea Pro features a quick drying, wicking, padded liner that can be removed and replaced overtime so you can maintain a secure fitting hat, the liner is also machine washable so you can keep your hat fresh. This matt finished hat features the Gatehouse logo at the centre front of the helmet and on the side on the strap, the chin strap has a removable padding to prevent rubbing and is fastened securely with a quick clip fastener. This fantastic hat that can be worn for many equestrian disciplines, excluding cross country due to the peak. When you purchase the Chelsea Pro Air Vent you are given a padded storage bag to keep it damage free when it is not in use.


equus bullet Kitemarked to safety standard PAS 015:2011 and VG1 01.040 2014-12.

equus bullet Slim and very lightweight with an elegant profile, perfect for competing.

equus bullet Fully ventilated in the new matt vent style to prevent perspiration and keep your head dry. 

equus bullet Padded wicking liner removes moisture quickly to keep your head cool.

equus bullet Removable liner that can be replaced over time to ensure you maintain a secure fitting hat, it is also machine washable to keep your hat fresh.

equus bullet Padded chin strap to prevent rubbing and provide extra comfort. 

equus bullet Clip fastener to quickly and easily secure your hat. 

equus bullet Suitable for all disciplines except cross country riding.

equus bullet Available in Brown, Black, or Navy.

Suggested uses

General riding, competitions, jumping.

Care Instructions

Riding hats are precision made and should be protected from extremes of temperatures. They should be allowed to dry naturally when they get wet.

Size Guide

Available in sizes 6 ⅜ (52cm) to 7 ½ (61cm).

Sizes 52cm - 55cm are VAT exempt.

Check out our Gatehouse Riding Hat Size Guide for more information.

Watch our video on how to measure for a riding hat