Equine Products UK Calavite

Ideal supplement for foals, young stock and lactating mares

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Equine Products UK Calavite has strong sources of calcium. Calcium is the key to strong and healthy bones. It is also essential for the proper function of the nervous system. Calavite was developed to assist the maintenance of healthy levels of calcium by including the formulation of a carefully calculated proportion of vitamins D3 and A, which aid absorption and utilisation of calcium. An ideal supplement for foals, young stock and lactating mares.

Feeding Guidelines

Lactating mares - 50g.
Stallions at stud - 40g.
Foals after weaning - 25g.
Ponies -15g -25g.

What's in it  

Calcium Carbonate 99.8%, Limestone, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3.

Size Guide

Available in 4kg or 10kg.