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Equimins Lice & Mite Spray

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Natural, herbal formulation for the control of unwanted pests

This Equimins spray uses a natural, herbal extract that is well known as a medicinal insecticide that kills lice and mites. It has been trialed for three years with great success and is especially recommended for horses with heavy feathers where lice or mites often thrive. Alternatively try Equimins Lice & Mite Lotion.


equus bullet Safe to use and contains no harmful chemicals

equus bullet Contains Quassia, an plant extract which acts as a natural insecticide  

equus bullet Easy to apply.

We Say

A kind and gentle natural spray that is well proven against parasitic insects and pests in your horse's coat.

Suggested uses

On the yard, general horse care and management.


Contains Quassia. Does not contain any harmful chemicals. No banned substances under the Jockey Club and FEI rules.

Care Instructions

Store in a cool, dry place at 10-20°C.

Size Guide

Available in a 500ml Spray.