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Effol Winter Hoof Gel

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This Winter hoof gel from Effol contains rosemary, clove and babassu oils which have strong penetration and emollient properties. It is designed especially for winter use, so protects against wet and muddy conditions and contact with soiled bedding, it is also a great barrier to prevent mud fever. The gel can be massaged into the hoof where it will slowly be absorbed guaranteeing long term good health of hooves in this sometimes difficult season.


equus bullet Moisturising and protective.

equus bullet Gel base which aids the penetration of the oils.

equus bullet Defends against wet, mud and dirt.

We Say

A super product for winter hoof care and it has the added bonus of smelling lovely too! It can also be used as a mud fever cream as it acts as a protective barrier. 

Suggested uses

General, everyday winter horse care.


Contains rosemary, clove and babassu oils.

Size Guide

Available in a 500ml tub.