Effol Hoof Ointment

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Original formula for every type of hoof

This hoof cream from Effol encourages healthy hoof growth and prevents hooves from going soft or brittle. It contains the active ingredients of laurel and thymol which have a disinfecting effect, this enables the control of bacteria and disease. The Vaseline base provides a water and dirt repellent film which protects the hoof from excessive moisture and other unwanted influences.


equus bullet Promotes healthy hoof growth

equus bullet Disinfecting effect helps prevent thrush

equus bullet Contains laurel and thymol which helps protect against hoof diseases

equus bullet Available in three colours to suit your horses hoof

equus bullet Vaseline forms a water and dirt repellent layer protecting the hoof in muddy conditions.

We Say

This tried and tested product is a useful addition to your grooming kit, use it all year to protect the health of your horse's hooves.

Suggested uses

General, everyday horse care and as a shiny hoof dressing when competing.


Contains laurel, thymol and Vaseline.

Size Guide

Available in a 500ml or 1L Tub.