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Clop Liquid Garlic

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Battles Clop Liquid Garlic contains pure garlic oil blended with natural linseed oil. Garlic has been described as beneficial for dust allergies, sweet itch, respiratory conditions and maintaining optimum circulation. Linseed oil is widely recognised as maintaining good coat and skin condition.

Feeding Guidelines

Introduce gradually as with any dietary changes. The easy squeeze bottle allows you to measure and dispense the correct amount, simply remove the cap from the measurirng chamber and measure out the required amount following the size guidelines and add to the feed. The size guideline are as follows:

Ponies up to 300kg - 15ml.

Horses 300kg to 600kg - 30ml.

Horses over 600kg - 45ml.

What's in it

Pure garlic oil blended with natural linseed oil.

Size Guide

Available in 1 Litre.