Cavallo Enhanced Hoof Protection Gel Pad

Padded gel insert for use with hoof boots


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This useful Cavallo protection gel pad provides your horse with an extra layer of comfort when required. It's ideal for extra help when moving from metal shoes to barefoot, riding on aggressive surfaces, longer rides than the horse is used to or for rehabilitation during/after an injury.


equus bullet Removable insole for increased comfort

equus bullet Easy to cut and fit, recommended for use with Cavallo Simple Hoof Boots

equus bullet Provides high shock absorption 

equus bullet Reduces fatigue

equus bullet Tightens the fit of looser Cavallo Simple Boots

equus bullet Provides stimulation to the sole, bar and frog 

equus bullet Firm design to allow for the hoof mechanism to work yet is soft enough to provide extra cushioning for the horse's hooves.

Suggested uses

Recommended for barefoot horses undertaking activities such as everyday riding, riding out, trekking or schooling.

Care instructions

Clean with a clean, damp cloth.


Made from a technically advanced and specially formulated thermoplastic elastomer.

Size Guide

Available in one size which can be cut down to fit any size Cavallo Simple Hoof Boot.