Cavallo Big Foot Boot Hoof Pad

Removable insole for additional support


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The Cavallo Big Foot Boot Hoof Pad is a removable insole that provides your horse with an extra layer of comfort when required. It's ideal for extra help when moving from shoes to barefoot, or when going over stony ground to help absorb everyday shock plus provide your horse with additional comfort.


equus bullet Moulded from specially formulated industrial grade polymer.

equus bullet They are inserted into your hoof boot - compatible with the Cavallo Big Foot Boot.

equus bullet Provides high shock absorption .

equus bullet Reduces fatigue.

equus bullet Advanced technology brings a new dimension to comfort.

equus bullet Simply cut the pad to fit your boot.

equus bullet Sold as a pair.

equus bullet Available in Black.

Care instructions

Clean with a clean, damp cloth.


Moulded from specially formulated industrial grade polymer compound.

Size Guide

Available in one size which can be cut down to fit any size Cavallo Big Foot Hoof Boot.

Sold as a pair.