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Carr & Day & Martin Cornucrescine Daily Hoof Barrier

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Breathable and waterproof shield for hooves

This advanced formulation from Carr & Day & Martin's Cornucrescine range provides a shield to wet, muddy conditions. It helps to strengthen and protect the whole hoof capsule and prevents cracks and breakage of hooves weakened by outside influences. This can in turn help to reduce the possibility of lost shoes.


equus bullet Creates a 'one way barrier' to protect from absorption of water and urine

equus bullet Waterproofs the hoof with a moisture repellent layer

equus bullet Allows the hoof to breathe naturally

equus bullet Internal brush for easy application

equus bullet Dries quickly with a clear, non-sticky finish

equus bullet A good treatment for soft, crumbly hooves

equus bullet Ideal for daily use before exposure to wet and muddy conditons.

We Say

Great for protecting your horses hooves from the wet, easy to use too with it's internal brush.

Suggested uses

Ensure the hooves are clean and dry. Use the brush to apply to the walls, coronet bands, sole, heel and frog on a daily basis, before exposure to the wet.

Size Guide

Comes in a 500ml tin.