Battles Summer Fly Cream


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Traditional, anti-bacterial fly repellent cream

The original bright yellow cream from Battles that has been traditionally used by farmers and horse owners to keep flies away from cuts, injuries and sensitive areas of skin (such as mare's udders). It is soothing, long lasting and is recommended for the treatment of fly strike or maggot infestations.


equus bullet Bright yellow, anti-bacterial cream

equus bullet Soothing and long-lasting

equus bullet Repels flies.

We Say

This cream has been used with great success over the years, it's perfect for minor injuries and summer problems like sweet itch. For a non-staining alternative try Lincoln Fly Stuff.

Suggested uses

Turn out, in the stable, first aid treatment.


Contains N,N Diethyl-m-toluamide (DEET) 4.9% w/w.

Size Guide

Available in a 400g tub.