Barrier Parasite Repel

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Soothing, natural, repellent spray for parasitic control

This long lasting spray from Barrier can be applied directly to repel or remove parasites and pests from your horse's coat. Once applied it will last for 24 hours under normal conditions. Also safe to use on dogs. 


equus bullet 100% natural ingredients

equus bullet Designed for horses that suffer from parasitic problems

equus bullet Effective repellent for lice, mites, midges, ticks, mosquitoes and black fly

equus bullet Helps prevent fly eye

equus bullet Can be sprayed directly onto ticks and bot eggs for easy removal

equus bullet Soothing and calming, can be applied to sore, inflamed skin

equus bullet HSE approved.

equus bullet Suitable for horses and dogs.

We Say

This spray comes highly endorsed by users and has even been used with success against the troublesome crab fly which is notoriously difficult to repel or remove. 

Suggested uses

On the yard, every day application to repel or control parasitic pests, can be used on horses, ponies, cattle, dogs, cats and other small pets.


Made from 100% natural ingredients.

Size Guide

Available in a 500ml spray or a 5L refill container.