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Barrier Heel To Hoof Soothing Cream

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Highly recommended mud fever treatment

This very popular soothing salve from Barrier is essential for your horsey medical kit if your equine friend suffers from sore, cracked heels, mud fever or any similar problem. It is an all round treatment as it not only treats the problem, but it protects the skin and prevents re-occurrence by providing a strong, breathable barrier to vulnerable areas. 


equus bullet Antibacterial and antifungal to protect against microbes present in muddy, wet conditions

equus bullet Protects against winter ailments such as cracked heels and mud fever

equus bullet Softens and loosens scabs naturally

equus bullet Waterproofs and protects without sealing the skin

equus bullet Instantly soothes soreness and inflammation

equus bullet Restores hair loss

equus bullet Restores the correct moisture balance to the skin

equus bullet Keeps the skin in peak condition when used as a preventative.

We Say

This lovely smelling wonder-cream is excellent for winter skin problems, your horse will thank you for it! It makes your own hands really soft too.

Suggested uses

Apply generously to clean affected or vulnerable areas, use daily to start with and then once or twice a week for maintenance.


Contains Lanolin BP and concentrated herbal oils to waterproof and protect.

Size Guide

Available in a 250ml or 1L tub.