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George & Dotty Dog Wear Size Guide

George and Dotty Size Guide

Welcome to our George & Dotty Dog Wear Size Guide.

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Dog Wear
Dog Coat

Dog Coat

The George & Dotty Dog Coat comes in alpha sizing. To figure out which size your dog will need, measure the length of your dog's back, from the base of the neck to the base of the tail, and convert this measurement using the table below. We've included an approximate breed size as a guide as well.

Dog Coats Size Chart

Size Back Length Back Length Breed Example
X-Small 30 - 35cm 12" - 14" Chihuahua
Small 35 - 40cm 14" - 16" Small Terrier
Small/Medium 40 - 45cm 16" - 18" Medium Terrier
Medium 45 - 50cm 18" - 20" Large Terrier
Large 50 - 55cm 20" - 22" Spaniel
X-Large 55 - 63.5cm 22" - 25" Small Labrador

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