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Last clip... when should I do it?

Feb 11,2015 | Kim Horton

when should you do the last clip?

Theories abound about the best time to do the last clip of the winter. What’s your theory? Here are some that I’ve found…

Some believe that the last clip should be done by the end of January to allow the spring coat to grow through properly. Others believe that beyond January it interferes with their summer coat coming through. I ask you…which is it?!

One lady I spoke to clips her horse right into March and his coat still looks fine in the summer.

Whether you show your horse or not appears to play a part in your thinking on this subject. Owners that show often leave their last clip to February, just before the season starts. However, other show horses are clipped all year round. 

Some people simply feel that there is no such thing as a last date to clip. You can clip all year round with no problem!   

Perhaps it’s all just about timing… There does seem to be a commonly held view that if you wait until the summer hair has started to grow through and then clip, you’ll shear off the tips of the summer hair making it grow in oddly or feel more rough. 

When do you do your last clip?

Let us know what you think based on your experience in the comments below. You never know, your comment may just help a fellow equestrian!

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