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What's the benefit of using an Exercise Sheet?

Feb 24,2017 | Kim Horton

Benefits of Exercise Sheets

What is an exercise sheet?

An Exercise Sheet is designed specifically to be worn whilst exercising a horse, when protection from the cold and the rain is required.

Why do I need one?

You need to use an Exercise Sheet if your horse is fully clipped, thin skinned, suffers from the cold or you simply want to keep him dry when it rains. Normal rugs cannot be used as they’re not designed to be worn when riding - they hang too low, slip down and cause problems.

What are the benefits?

Warmth: Arguably the most important benefit. They provide warmth across the back, loins, croup and essential organs such as the kidneys. Warmth is essential for muscle suppleness.

They're of great benefit when warming up for a schooling session or a competition to help engage the muscles in the back and hindquarters. Remove it when you think your horse is warm enough to prevent him from sweating. Put it back on when you cool down to prevent your horse’s muscles cooling too quickly, which can cause chills and cramps.

Exercise Sheets are commonly used whilst hacking out to keep the horse’s muscles warm, especially during slower hacks in the autumn and winter. At this time, horses are more likely to be clipped as well, so keeping them warm is particularly important.

In addition, horses that suffer from Azoturia can benefit from wearing an exercise sheet.

Waterproof: The benefit of a Waterproof Exercise Sheet is that it keeps your horse from getting wet, but more importantly, it prevents him from getting cold from the wet. Often exercise sheets that are waterproof, are usually windproof as well.

Be Safe, Be Seen: Many Exercise Sheets contain "reflective strips" which are practical for misty winter riding. However, for hacking out on the road, your horse really needs a proper Hi Viz Exercise Sheet. The large block of hi viz makes you really visible to drivers and cyclists alike.

What other features should I look out for?

Nowadays many of the thicker Exercise Sheets are made of a breathable material that prevents the sweat from becoming trapped between the horse’s skin and the exercise sheet. If this happens, the horse can become cold very quickly when it dries.

The useful feature for winter is to look out for an Exercise Sheet that's fleecy lined. The extra weight of the fleece lining will stop the rug from blowing about in the wind, which may be a requirement for young or nervous horses.

What size do I need?

When confronted with the sizes of exercise rugs, they can be a little puzzling unless you know the standard rug sizes they relate to. The handy table below shows the size that you need for your horse. 

Normal Rug Size Exercise Rug Size
5’6” 168 cms 4’0” 122 cms
5’9” 176 cms 4’3” 130 cms
6’0” 183 cms 4’6” 138 cms
6’3” 191 cms 4’6” 138 cms
6’6” 199 cms 4’6” 138 cms
6’9” 206 cms 4’9” 145 cms
7’0” 214 cms 5’0” 153 cms


How will I know which one to buy?

There's an exercise sheet to suit every type of horse and rider. It’s an important purchase, so before you buy one, think about what and when you’ll be using it for the most.

If you ride mostly in an indoor school or in an outdoor school on dry days, a fleece exercise sheet will keep your horse warm and it will wick away any moisture if he sweats. If you're looking for real warmth, this the Weatherbeeta Thermic Exercise Sheet below on the left is one of the best on the market. Whilst the Rambo Fleece Exercise Sheet on the right, is a firm favourite that has an instantly recognisable appearance! 

Weatherbeeta Thermic Exericse Sheet   Rambo Fleece Exercise Sheet

If you ride mostly outdoors and your horse suffers from the cold, go for a waterproof one with a warm fleecy lining. The Rambo Waterproof Fleece Exercise Sheet is fleece lined and waterproof. It's worth mentioning that some waterproof exercise sheets can rustle slightly with movement, which may be a consideration for sensitive horses.

Rambo Waterproof Fleece Exercise Sheet

If you hack out regularly and have to go on the roads or lanes, a High Viz Rug is essential. Any road user will be able to see your horse from a distance and from 360 degrees, which is obviously highly essential for ultimate safety. The Equisafety Mercury Rug is the absolute latest advance in technology. It's made from billions of tiny reflective balls which catch the light and make the rug positively glow, even in the poorest of visibility.

Equisafety Mercury Rug

It's important to choose an Exercise Sheet that suits you as well as your horse. Not only are there Exercise Sheets designed with the horse in mind, there's also a few that provide some cover for the rider’s leg. So, if you suffer from the cold, the HKM Fleece Exercise Sheet may be the one for you.

HKM Fleece Exercise Sheet

If you're out competing a lot and want the very best protection from the rain for your horse and tack, invest in a Weatherbeeta Rain Sheet. It even has stirrup slots so that you can warm up with it on, ensuring your final presentation remains perfect until the moment you enter the ring!

Weatherbeeta Rain Sheet

For those lucky owners that have a horse walker to exercise their horse, or for those that often lunge their horses in the cooler temperatures, it is possible to get a rug that is cut away at the shoulder to allow for freedom of movement. Great for that all-important ground work. The Busse Softshell Walker Rug is a personal favourite of mine.


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