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What to wear for Lead Rein Showing

Mar 31,2017 | Kim Horton

Lead rein showing outfits

Thinking of doing a bit of Showing this year? Not sure where to start? Read our blog about the different showing classes and what to wear. This week we look at the Lead Rein class.

The Lead Rein class is where it all starts for many young riders who want to participate in the ridden showing world. If you’re serious about showing, you need to embrace the fairly strict dress rules laid out below.

For the Rider

Hat: A navy velvet hat is generally worn with a tan leather chin strap

Jacket: It should be navy in colour. It should just touch the saddle and have a small amount of the cuff of the shirt sleeve showing

Shirt: It should be long sleeved, pale in colour with a slightly stiffened traditional shirt collar

Tie: An under-stated patterned tie is worn tied in a small, neat knot

Legwear: Canary yellow coloured jodhpurs for girls; boys should wear lighter ones

Footwear: Brown leather jodhpur boots

Gloves: Brown leather gloves to match the brown jodhpur boots

Accessories: A tie pin is used to keep the tie in place. Buttonholes that match the browband are worn on the rider’s right lapel of the jacket.

Hair: This should be neatly plaited and turned up in to looks if the hair is long.

And remember: To get that overall professional and, more importantly(!), winning look, decide on a colour theme for you and your pony before you begin. So, for example, co-ordinate the colour of your tie, hair ribbons, button hole and browband.

For the Lead Rein Handler

Hat: Ladies should wear a hat that matches or co-ordinates with their jacket. Gentlemen should wear a bowler hat

Jacket: Ladies should wear a smart one that either matches or compliments the rider’s jacket. Gentlemen should wear a dark suit jacket

Shirt: Ladies should wear a smart, light coloured, plain blouse. Gentleman should wear a light coloured, plain shirt with a proper collar

Tie: The tie should match the tie of the rider

Legwear: Ladies can wear culottes, a skirt of trousers. Gentleman need to wear suit trousers.

Footwear: Sensible shoes or boots with no or a low heel.

Gloves: Brown or dark leather

Hair: This should be neat and tidy for both ladies and gentlemen.

Over to you!

Do you have any showing tips for someone just getting started? Share them in the comments below!

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