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What is a cooler?

Posted on 27 July 2017 by Kim

What is a horse cooler?

What is a Cooler?

A Cooler is a necessary addition to your horse’s wardrobe. Highly absorbent, it’ll keep your horse warm and comfortable after particularly hard, sweaty workouts. Designed to wick away any moisture on the surface of the skin, they leave the coat dry, preventing your horse from catching a chill.

Able to be used all year round, this versatile rug fits needs to fit snugly around your horse’s midsection so that it can do the job it’s been designed to do.

When should I use a Cooler?

Most riders tend to use Coolers in the summer, after a bath or after exercise when your horse may need some help drying off. Coolers are often used to travel horses in to ensure that they stay cool. However, a fleece cooler can also be used in cooler temperatures, after a long hard hack to ensure that your horse stays warm and free of sweat at the same time.

What types of Cooler are there?

There are a few different types of Coolers. So, you need to know a bit about each of them in order to choose the right one:

Anti Sweat Cooler: this type is made of an open weave fabric that provides maximum airflow. You can easily spot one of these as it’ll look like a string vest!

Mesh Cooler: this is made of a tightly woven mesh fabric. The construction of these absorbent coolers allows them to wick moisture away from the skin much faster, absorbing sweat or water from a bath the fabric and efficiently dispersing it over a wider area to lessen drying time. At first glance a Mesh Cooler appears to be a bit pricey, but the fibres that these high-quality coolers are made of, resists clogging with hair, dirt and debris, allowing them to stay clean and functional for much longer than other horse coolers.

Some Mesh Coolers have a fleece section along that runs along the back and the mesh panels are in the lower section of the rug. This keeps the back and loin areas warm while moisture on the chest and flanks can still be wicked away. These are ideal for particularly chilly temperatures in spring and autumn.

Scrim Cooler: this is a type of Mesh Cooler and usually has both solid and mesh panels. This is a great choice to keep your horse clean and cool ringside.

Fleece Cooler: A basic fleece cooler is the best value you can get. Made entirely of a cosy fleece fabric, it quickly wicks moisture away from the skin. When you want your horse or pony to look his best at the ringside, these coolers come in a stunning range of colours. For a little bit of the “WOW” factor, look out for a Fleece Cooler that has a decorative braided tail cord.

As these Coolers tend to be used in cooler temperatures, complete cover is available when the neck cover extends beyond the neck and over the poll.

Which type of Cooler should I use?

The type of cooler you need to use is partly down to personal preference based combined with the needs of the horse.

What other features do Coolers have?

Given their purpose, Coolers don’t need lots of fancy features, so the list is pretty basic, i.e. a single surcingle chest front closure, a hidden adjustable belly surcingle, a fleece wither pad and a fillet string.

No matter what the size of your equine companion or if you ride him at a fancy show or just around the field, EQUUS has a Cooler that's perfect for your needs.

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