What are the best breeches for winter riding?

What are the best breeches for winter horse riding

When the weather starts to get cold, the prospect of riding, particularly riding out, can be very unappealing…unless you’re in the right gear. Having the right gear will make you more inclined to ride when it’s cold and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune either.

Be prepared for the unpredictable weather that inevitably occurs from autumn through to spring and read our buying guide to find out all you need to know about the best horse riding breeches for the cold weather.

What features do good winter breeches have?

Look for the following features as these are specifically included in horse riding apparel that is designed for riding outdoors or in cooler temperatures:

equus bullet Water repellent

equus bullet Windproof

equus bullet Breathable

equus bullet Fleece lined for added warmth.

Why do the breeches need to be breathable?

This is a really good question and the importance of this feature is often over-looked. Breeches ideally need to be breathable so that any moisture that accumulates on the inside can escape through the fabric. If the moisture, or rather perspiration, cannot escape, when it cools, it’ll leave you damp and you’ll get cold which is not ideal when the weather’s cold!

What are the best winter breeches made of?

The best breeches are made of a high performance material designed to cope with the rigours of the great British weather! This is called Softshell. Softshell breeches are made from fabric with tight layered weaves that’s durable and water repellent. It is this that shields you from the wind, rain and snow. Softshell is perfect for riders as it’s specifically designed for physical exertion such as horse riding.

Can I make the breeches I’ve got waterproof?

Yes but do bear in mind that the result will be bulky as you’ll be riding in two layers that are designed to be outer layers. Simply add a waterproof layer over your existing breeches like these unisex Horseware Rambo Lightweight Waterproof Pull Up Trousers. Or if you simply want a waterproof layer without warmth, the Horseware Boyne Over Trousers is a better option and it's cheaper.

Horseware Rambo Lightweight Waterproof Pull Up Trousers   Horseware Boyne Over Trousers

What breeches should I look for then?

What to look for is a combination of what brand you tend to favour and price. As always buy the best that you can afford as buying cheaply can be a false economy which you'll only find out when it's too late!

Top of the Pops
Pikeur Lucinda Grip Corkshell Silicone Full Seat Breeches

Pikeur Lucinda Grip Corkshell Silicone Full Seat Breeches

Innovative winter riding breeches that will keep you warm without over-heating.

 The original softshell breech
Noble Equestrian Winter Softshell Riding Breech

noble equestrian winter softshell breeches noble equestrian winter softshell breeches

Water repellent to keep you dry and wind resistant designed to keep the weather out. 

Tick all the boxes
HyPerformance Softshell Winter Full Seat Ladies Breeches 

Hy winter softshell breecheshy performance winter softshell breeches

Water repellent, windproof, breathable and fleece lined to keep you ‘toasty’.

Next generation legwear
Dublin Performance Warm-It Gel Riding Tights

Dublin Performance Warm-It Gel Riding Tights

Comfortable riding tight with additional warmth.

Arguably the most stylish
HKM Glööckler Pompöös Softshell Silicone Full Seat Breeches
HKM Glööckler Pompöös Softshell Silicone Full Seat Breeches    HKM Glööckler Pompöös Softshell Silicone Full Seat Breeches

Designer softshell breeches with subtle sparkly details.      

What can I do if I’m not warm enough even in winter legwear?

Easy! Simply add thermal underwear if it’s really cold. Early mornings can be particularly cold as can riding out in the depths of winter. Try these Equetech Arctic Thermal Under Breeches. Great value, they're the perfect extra layer of warmth you need. Designed with riders in mind, they’re “seam free” to prevent chaffing when you ride and they also have stirrup foot to prevent them from riding up under your breeches. How good is that?! The beige ones can be worn under white breeches in the winter when you're out competing and your underwear and cellulite won't show through!

Equetech Arctic Thermal UnderbreechesEquetech Arctic Thermal Underbreeches

If you suffer from chilblains on your thighs or want something made of a natural product, you need the Equetech Thermal Stirrup Underbreeches. These are less bulky than the ones above. Plus they're a seam free design, so they won't chafe your skin.   

Equetech Thermal Stirrup Underbreech     Equetech Thermal Stirrup Underbreech

Avoid the hassle of layering and looking like the Michelin man! Keep the cold out and invest in a pair of winter breeches. Once you’ve tried them, you’ll never want to be without them.

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