Tokyo Olympics Equestrian Schedule: When to watch

Tokyo Olympics: What to Watch

As the Tokyo Olympics begins, us horse lovers might be wondering when we can watch the equestrian sports! Most of the equestrian Olympic events are taking place in the Equestrian Park which is in Kamiyoga, Setagaya-ku and the cross country is taking place at the stunning Sea Forest Cross Country Course, about 18 miles away in Uminomori, Koto-ku.

Due to the weather in Tokyo being very warm, and the time difference (Tokyo is eight hours ahead of the UK), some events are taking place at odd hours, this is to help the horses compete in the best conditions when it is nice and cool. Here's what's happening and when:


It all starts with the dressage!

Starting with the First Horse Inspection on Friday 23rd. Ensuring all horses are in great health and ready to compete, this starts at 9.30am local time (1.30am BST).

Day 1 of the Grand Prix Team and Individual Dressage Qualifier follows on Saturday 24th July at 5pm local time (9am BST).

Day 2 of the Grand Prix Team and Individual Dressage Qualifier is on Sunday 25th July at 5pm local time (9am BST).

The Dressage Grand Prix Team Special and Medal Ceremony takes place on Tuesday 27th July at 5pm local time (9am BST).

The Second Horse Inspection takes place at 10.30am local time on Wednesday 28th July. (2.30am BST)

Later that day, the dressage finishes with the Individual Freestyle and Medal Ceremony at 5.30pm local time (9.30am BST).


Next up is eventing! 

The First Horse Inspection takes place at 9.30am local time (1.30am BST) on Thursday 29th July.

The dressage is split into 3 sessions. Dressage Session 1 and 2 take place on Friday 30th July at 8.30am local time (12.30am BST) and 5.30pm local time (9.30am BST).

Session 3 of the Dressage takes place the following day, Saturday 31st July at 8.30am local time (12.30am BST).

Cross country takes place at Sea Forest cross-country course on Sunday 1st August at 7.45am local time (11.45pm 31st July BST).

The Second Horse Inspection takes place before the jumping at 9.30am local time (1.30am BST) on Monday 2nd August.

Later the same day the Eventing Team Jumping Final, Medal Ceremony and Individual Qualifier takes place at 5pm local time (9am BST).

Followed by the Eventing Individual Jumping Final and Medal Ceremony at 8.45pm local time (12.45am BST).

Show Jumping

Finally, the show jumping!

It all starts on Saturday 31st July with the First Horse Inspection at 5pm local time (9am BST).

The Jumping Individual Qualifier takes place on Tuesday 3rd August at 7pm local time (11am BST).

Wednesday 4th August is the Jumping Individual Final and Medal Ceremony which takes place at 7pm local time (11am BST).

The Second Horse Inspection takes place the following day Thursday 5th August at 5pm local time (9am BST).

On Friday 6th August the Show Jumping Team Qualifier takes place at 7pm local time (11am BST)..

The Team Final and Medal Ceremony is on Sunday 7th August at 7pm local time (11am BST).

 You can see the full Olympic time table here.

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