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Night time turn out rugs for summer

Night Time Turn Out Rugs For Summer

Night time turnout offers great relief from the heat, sun, and even bugs. However, it's not heat and sun all summer long. We all know that even at this time of year, the Great British weather is often inconsistent, ie warm and dry one day, then torrential rain and high winds the next. So some consideration needs to be given about how your horse will cope if the weather takes a turn for the worst.

What considerations and why

Some thin-skinned horses, such as thoroughbreds, still need a little bit of protection even when it's dry at night as they often feel the cold at 10°C. 

A poor doer or a clipped horse may benefit from a turn out rug with a bit of filling when you add wind and rain to the mix along with below average temperatures. 

And if you’re planning to hack out in the morning before heading off to work or you’re off out competing, a night time turn out rug is a real time saver as they keep your horse clean when it’s been raining.

Our summer weather includes the following conditions:

- a light shower 

- a heavy downpour

- high winds

- unseasonably low temperatures

- a combination of all of the above.

And it is for these reasons and conditions that your horse may need a night time turn out rug in the summer.

When it's wet and warm, a waterproof fly rug is a good option 

 Mark Todd Showerproof Combo Fly Rug
When the heavens open with a heavy downpour, a rain sheet is the answer 
Weatherbeeta ComFiTec Essential Lightweight 0g Standard Turnout Rug
When it's the worst summer weather conditions with cooler temperatures, heavy rain and high winds, extra protection is required 
Rambo Tech Duo Lightweight 50-150g Detachable Neck Turnout Rug
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