Stay Safe When Clipping

Stay Safe When Clipping

Clipping is not only an unpleasant task, it can be a hazardous one too. Here are a few tips for staying safe when clipping:

1. With mains powered clippers, always use a circuit breaker.

2. Where extension leads are used, make sure that the lead is kept well away from the horse’s legs, any sharp objects, and any water.

3. Choose a well-lit stable or area, with a non-slip floor.

4. Remove all objects that your horse could stumble over, such as water buckets.

5. Ask a friend to hold the horse or cross tie him.

6. Avoid clipping outside if it is wet and windy. Choose a mild day and a quiet time on the yard, if possible!

7. Check your clippers for any exposed or loose wires.

8. If your horse has a tendency to kick, pick up the legs to clip them, or get someone to hold up a foreleg.

9. Wear a hard hat and leather chaps if you think the horse may injure you in some way.

10. Wear protective boots with a toe cap if you think the horse is likely to jump about a bit!

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