Protect your horse from flies and midges with Zebra Stripes

Protect Your Horse With Zebra Stripes

Inspired by nature and informed by science. Zebra stripes deter bothersome flies and biting insects. Scientific research shows that stripes effectively prevent flies from landing on the horse. So how can you protect your horses with zebra stripes.

There is nothing more unsightly in the height of Summer than a horse's head covered in flies. Protect your horse's head with a Zebra Stripe Fly Mask.

Shires Zeb-Tek Fly Mask

This Zebra print fly mask features a full face, nose and ear protection with Airstream fabric; generous eye clearance via ergonomic shaping; fleece padding to reduce gaps; improved fit at poll with elasticated fit; snug fit from adjustable touch close safety straps; 70%+ average UV blocking helps to reduce risk of sun burn and bleaching.

Shires Zeb-Tek Fly Mask

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QHP Eczema Combo Fly Rug 

The type of flies that you want to protect your horse from falls into two distinct categories: midges or proper flies. The bite from midges causes Sweet Itch in some horses and often owners are besides themselves in knowing what to do for the best. They end up trying many different remedies in sheer desperation. A Sweet Itch rug, or Eczema as it is sometimes called, rug offers greater protection than an ordinary fly rug.

QHP Eczema Combo Fly Rug

This Zebra fly rug features: fine mesh, breathable fabric; combo neck with elastic insert; wide belly flap with adjustable, elastic surcingles; wide tail flap; elastic, adjustable leg straps; elastic inserts at the neck, belly flap and legs.

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When your horse is out in his field in the height of Summer, it is inevitable that he'll be plagued with flies. Using a Zebra Print Fly Rug is a natural way to ward off flies. 

Busse Paddock Comfort Zebra Combo Fly Rug

Busse Paddock Comfort Zebra Combo Fly Rug

This Zebra Striped Fly Rug features: Light-weight polyester material in fine weave; mane, tail and chest area lined with smooth satin to prevent rubbing; attachment on neck to field safe head collar if required; long shoulder gussets for more freedom of movement; anatomically formed belly-cover, elastic and adjustable; deep, lined tail-cover.

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When your horse is bothered by flies when you're riding, he can become very irritable which can detract from the enjoyment of riding. Protect him with a Ride-On Zebra Fly Rug. 

Busse Moskito II Zebra Print Exercise Combo Fly Rug

Busse Moskito II Zebra Print Exercise Combo Fly Rug

This Zebra Print Exercise Fly Rug features: Light-weight polyester material in fine weave; Velcro closures along neck line; attachment on neck to bridle via hook-and-loop fasteners; neck can be rolled back and fastened when not required; shaped for English saddles; cut-away at the sides to allow correct riding-aids; hind-strap and tail-cover.

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