Monthly Must Haves for May

Monthly Must Haves For May

The last month of spring is upon us. With it the weather is warming up, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and the grass is growing :(. So this month’s Must Haves look forward to the prospect of warmer temperatures.

Scientific fly protection

Have you heard that scientists have recently discovered that zebra stripes discourage blood sucking flies? Dazzled and confused by the array of black and white stripes, flies find it difficult to land on these popular animals.

A study, recently highlighted by the BBC, saw researchers put zebra-striped rugs on horses to see how many insects landed on them, and compared the results with horses covered in plain, single-coloured rugs. The experiment showed fewer flies landed on zebra-print rugs as they just flew past them or bumped into them and bounced off!

Busse Moskito II Zebra Print Exercise Fly Sheet   Busse Paddock Comfort Zebra Fly Sheet

Ride-on and turn out fly rugs now come in zebra print as do fly masks.

Benefit from a base layer

As the days are getting warmer, it makes sense to start wearing short sleeved tops. A short sleeved polo has a wealth of practical benefits to those who wear them. Moisture management in some polo shirts make them more comfortable to wear as well as keeping you cool and dry. Take your pick from the fabulous selection of colours that are on the market nowadays.

HKM Pro Team Active 19 Polo Shirt   LeMieux Polo Shirt

Limit grass intake

If your horse is like mine, he only has to look at a blade of grass and he puts weight on! The grass is really starting to come through now, so restrict grass turn out with temporary fencing or a grazing muzzle before the dreaded laminitis strikes. Using temporary fencing will allow you to move your horse on to a fresh patch when it suits you and him. It’s easy, practical and relatively simple to set up and move.

Corral Basic Fencing Tape 200m   Corral 155cm Double Step-In Steel Point Plastic Post

Using a muzzle may seem unkind but it’s actually not and horses cope better with it than you think. The movement, natural grazing and interaction with field buddies are essential for your horse’s physical and mental well-being. Using a muzzle means that he can still go out with friends without becoming obese or increasing his risk of becoming poorly. The hole at the bottom of the muzzle allows a horse to graze but cuts down considerably the amount of grass he can consume.

Shires Flexi Grazer Grazing Muzzle

Gain the upper hand in the warmer weather

Even when the weather’s warmer, gloves are often an essential for many riders as they can drastically reduce chafing and blisters, especially if you have a horse who pulls or a fatty who snatches his head away to eat grass! However finding a pair that don’t make your hands sweat is often a challenge. The Ariat Air Grip Gloves have a mesh back to allow more airflow, making them super breathable and ideal when the temperature starts to rise.

Ariat Air Grip Gloves

And finally... don’t get wet when bathing your horse!

The bathing season for horses is upon us. The big question is: how do you stop yourself getting wet when water runs down your arm when you’re hosing your horse? The answer: Get a LeMieux Off The Cuff. This ingenious device stops you getting soaked when hosing your horse. It fits comfortably around your wrist and prevents water from running down your arms when you reach up with a soaked sponge or hose pipe. Use for washing horses, stables, lorries or trailers.

LeMieux Off The Cuff

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