Monthly Must Haves for June

Equestrian monthly must haves for June 2018

The month of June reminds us of summer as it's when the summer solstice starts. Clear skies and the warmth of the sun help us to feel more positive about our horses but what Monthly Must Haves do you need to get you through what is affectionately known as “Flaming June”?

The most important Monthly Must Have has got to be at the very least a Fly Mask or a Fly Fringe. Shires have a mask to suit most horses and ponies. Their range includes masks with or without ears, with or without noses in the full range of sizes of Shetland, Pony, Cob, Full and Extra Full.

Shires Fine Mesh Earless Fly Mask   Shires Deluxe Fly Mask with Ears and Nose

If you just prefer a Fly Fringe, the Busse Quick Fit Fly Fringe is probably the most substantial one that we offer. With fine mesh ears and an adjustable, Velcro chin strap, it has padded edges to prevent rubbing.

Busse Quick Fit Fly Fringe

When it’s too hot to wear a cap, let alone a bobble hat, you need some way of keeping the sun and hair out of your eyes. This Mountain Horse Sun Visor, which looks like it’d be more suitable on the golf course than at the stables, is just the ticket! It’s a sporty sun cap with a deep peak to keep the sun out of your eyes, an adjustable clasp at the back so that you can adjust it to fit your head and it’s in the “all-essential” navy blue colour.

Mountain Horse Sun Visor

Those people at Mountain Horse have been thinking really hard about what riders need in the summer and they’ve also produced this handy bum bag to put your phone in when you’re out hacking. Often in the summer it’s too hot to wear a jacket or even a gilet but you really need to take a phone, don’t you? The pocket on your breeches or jods is often too small but with this Mountain Horse Bum Bag you can simply and quickly strap it on and off you go …literally. With an elastic, adjustable waist ap, you don’t even have to take your mobile phone cover off to make it fit in it.

Mountain Horse Bum Bag

Many of our customers have been amazed at what a good idea the Roeckl Laila Gloves are for summer. Why? Because the mesh on the top of the hand allows the sun through which means your hands get tanned so you don’t end up with white hands through the summer. How good is that? As if this isn’t enough on its own, the overwhelming feedback from all customers is that you don’t feel like you’re wearing any gloves when you’ve got them on.

Roeckl Laila Gloves   Roeckl Laila Gloves

Now that the weather is warmer, there’s more opportunities to give your horse a lovely bath and what better to bath him with but a shampoo that contains a fly repellent as well as a soap. This 2-in-1 Lincoln Fly Repellent Shampo  is a great idea and will help to give all over cover against those nuisance flies.

Lincoln Fly Repellent Shampoo

We’ve already been treated to a couple of record-breaking heatwaves so far this year, with the sky fluctuating between scorching sun and, oddly, April showers. On some days it feels like summer has already arrived: horses are out 24/7, fly rugs and masks are seen in vast numbers and – in true British form – we've no idea what to wear to ride in the hot weather! If this is the case for you, take a look at our Hot Weather Riding Wear.


Kim Horton

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