Horsey jobs for February

horsey jobs for February

Bye bye, January – oh long, dull month! Hello February – the month of love, lighter mornings and not-so many days to payday! Not sure what to do? Read on!!!

Spring is coming (honest!)

We all fastidiously muck out our horses every day. We take pride in how well we’ve done it but it’s a great idea to have a really thorough spring clean at least once a year. As we’re heading towards Spring, why not put the date on your calendar now for it. Allow plenty of time to do it, it may be best at the weekend in which case you’ll probably have to set aside the best part of a day for it. Plan what you think you'll need so that you can do a proper job. For example, the job will be made much easier with a water pressure washer. So if you don’t already have one, think about hiring one or, even better, borrowing one. Also make sure you have a horse friendly disinfectant for scrubbing the walls and floors.

Out with the old, in with the new

Let’s face it, we all have a load of stuff we don’t need. There’s really no point in keeping that broken head collar “just in case” it comes in handy one day. It’s never going to come in handy, so throw it away! Equally throw away rugs that are beyond repair or no longer waterproof. You probably have other examples of bits ‘n bobs that you’re probably never going to use again. Either take them to the second-hand/charity shop, sell them on eBay or have a equestrian car boot sale. Look out for one on Facebook as you’ve got more chance of selling the items at one of these. Only when you’ve got rid of the old or broken items, should you treat yourself to something new.

Spruce up your Steed

This time of the year your trusty steed can look a bit scruffy. So why not spruce him up? Pull his mane, trim his tail and fetlocks. You could even be tempted to wash his tail if you’re brave enough to put your hands in freezing cold water! Whether you trim his whiskers or not is purely down to personal preference. Some owners do, some owners don’t. There’s plenty of debate about both sides of the argument but I’ve included it here as a suggestion only!  Clip protruding ear hair too for the complete equine facial.

A change is as good as a rest

Many horses have endured limited or no turn out in January along with numerous sessions in the manege. So now that the days are getting longer, it’s great opportunity to vary his work routine by getting out for a quick hack in the morning or late afternoon. Hacking allows him to chill out and may actually even improve his schooling! However, even with the better weather and lighter evenings, it’s still absolutely vital that you and your horse are safe and can be seen. So ensure that you’ve got your Hi Viz to hand so that you can put it on quickly and get out for that much needed hack.

Get organised

Plan out how and where you’re going to achieve those goals you identified for the coming year. Invest in a calendar so that you can plan out your season. Pin it up in the tack room. Mark your lessons on it, your farrier appointments, annual vaccinations, the dentist, the physio, the lot! You’ll feel super organised and stand a much better chance of achieving your goals.

Be my Valentine

We all know that the Valentine us owners want, is our horse! So treat him or her to something special, even if it’s just a packet of polos! Check out our Rose Gold collection if you fancy something pink this Valentine's Day. And remember, at EQUUS it's free UK delivery on all orders, regardless of how much you spend.

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  • Di Machin posted on February 13 2020 at 11:02 AM

    Good Morning,
    It may be a good idea to talk about show prep now. I have a show box, and everything I need for the show/ dressage or jumping ring is in this box, then when I am low on my stock, I re stock up, mane/ tail spray, coat shine, hoof oil, my studs are in baby wipes ect.


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