Grooming grey, white or coloured horses

Grooming grey, white or coloured horses

If you own a grey, white or coloured horse, you’ll be well aware of how difficult it can be to keep them looking clean and gleaming. So, it’s imperative that you’re up to speed on the best products available to help you do this.

What’s the best shampoo?

If you’ve got really stubborn stains, try a dedicated stain remover first like Supreme Products Stain Remover Shampoo for removal of stubborn stains from light coloured horses. It removes old stains plus helps to remove yellow stains from white tails. Use more than one application if required.

Supreme Products Stain Remover Shampoo

All the great brands you know and love offer shampoos. Take a look at our selection here. A shampoo formulated for the coats of grey and white horses, like Lincoln's Magic White Horse Shampoo, will help clean the coat and give a whiter, brighter finish. 

What’s best product to wash his tail?

Grey, white or coloured horses often have tails that are either dirty brown or yellow. A shampoo with a blue or purple tint not only removes stains but also adds a bit of the tinted blue/purple colour to reflect light and make the white even brighter.Use a blueing or purple shampoo to get the best result. They will, however, turn your tail lavender if left on too long.

What is the best brush for grooming?

The most recommended and must-have grooming brush of owners is the Haas Brush for White Horses or the Schimmel Stiff Brush as it is also known. Specially designed for grey, white or coloured horses, its strong coconut fibres are ideal for removing tenacious stains on white patches. It removes stable and field stains. The bristles are made of specific fibres that help to remove stains with minimal effort.

Haas Brush for White Horses

How can I keep my horse’s coat clean after I’ve bathed him?

Having spent a lot of time, effort and possibly money on bathing your horse, there are some preventative measures you can take to minimise the amount of effort in future:

* Whilst coat shine sprays are designed to keep coats glossy, they can also help to keep them clean. The spray coats the hairs making them slippery, so any muck is much more likely to slide off rather than adhering to or soaking into the hairs.

* Lycra stretch covers can be an excellent investment. One of these handy accessories will cover your horse from head to tail so they remain clean overnight before a show. The covers are lightweight and so your horse should not get too hot when wearing one.

How can I keep his mane and tail clean?

Here are some simple things you can do to maintain the whiteness:

* Wash your horse's mane and tail about once every 2 weeks, or even longer, depending on the “ick” factor

* If you like a conditioner, use one that rinses easily and thoroughly as even a tiny residue can irritate the skin and act as a magnet for dirt when the mane and tail are dry

* Use a detangler as they coat and protect the hair as well as providing stain repelling goodness. Most are light enough you can use them daily.  You can do a deep conditioning treatment with a grooming oil, or you can use a silicone-based spray that doesn't have added alcohol.

* Avoid going all out on detergents. You will end up with a more brittle hair which will just soak up stains more easily.

And what tips are there if I’m going out to a show?

Anybody who has a horse with ANY white on them knows the difference a brilliant white marking can make. They also know how hard it is to keep those whites looking sparkling clean throughout a horse show. Here are a few tip on getting whites clean, making them stand out. If you want to turn your horse out at a show with that pro groom appearance:

* Conceal small marks or blemishes with the Gold Label Show White Stick. A white concealer stick that’s ideal for last minute, minor touch ups to ensure the best turnout at shows. In a useful pop-up stick, it fits in your pocket and is non-toxic white cover up for touching up small areas.

* Brighten socks, stockings, blazes or white markings with the Gold Label Show White Paste on the left below. Ideal for show horses as it can help to really make your horse stand out. Non-toxic, safe and non-allergic, it won’t wash off in the rain either. If you prefer to use a powder instead of a paste, try the Gold Label Show White Powder.

Gold Label Show White Paste    Gold Label Show White Powder


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