Brand Spotlight: Cavallo Hoof Boots

Brand Spotlight: Cavallo Hoof Boots

Without four sound, healthy feet to stand on, your horse can't carry out the work you want him to do. You may have decided that the best way to achieve this is for your horse to go barefoot as often this improves circulation to the feet, enhances traction, provides a better way of going and stronger, healthier hoof growth.

But what can you do to protect his hooves from chipping or to protect his soles from stone bruises? The answer is to put hoof boots on. Cavallo, the go-to brand in the world, provides a good range of styles and sizes to suit most horses and are the best economical alternative to metal shoes. But how much do you know about the creator of this revolutionary equine product? To find out more, read on...

Carole Herder, President of Cavallo Horse & Rider Inc, grew up in Edmonton, Canada. She moved to the country as soon as she was able and got involved with horses as she knew living in a city wasn't for her.

Cavallo Hoof Boots for Horses

Her study, observation and experience in equine wellness, uncovered that riders experience great difficulty keeping their horses 100% sound 100% of the time. This intrigued her and she found it heart breaking when a horse went lame.

She believed that caring for horses’ naturally and keeping them comfortably barefoot was essential to their long-term health and wellbeing. It was as nature intended. She’s accumulated a great deal of knowledge over extensive learning of natural hoof care, the barefoot movement, through industry experts and the development of Cavallo Hoof Boots.

She started Cavallo in 1993 and am over 25 years later, she’s still firm in the belief that Cavallo Hoof Boots are the best alternative to the tradition of nailing metal into horses’ feet.

Nowadays she speaks about this at horse events around the world and is the author of the #1 International Bestseller ‘There Are No Horseshoes in Heaven’. She also co-authored the book ‘The Cavallo Barefoot Trim’, and has published articles in various horse publications, all aimed at helping to educate horse owners.

Carole and her husband run Cavallo from the beautiful Roberts Creek in British Columbia together with their team and accompanied by our horses and dogs.

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