All about Horseware Vari-Layer Rug Technology

horseware vari-layer technology

During the colder months of autumn and winter, piling rugs on our horses to keep them warm is what we all tend to do. However, wouldn’t it be better if you could keep your horse at the optimum temperature and avoid excess weight on his back at the same time? The Horseware Vari-Layer range does exactly this.

What is Vari-Layer Technology?

Vari-Layer is the layering of thermo-bonded fibre fill to gain maximum heat retention without the heaviness of a standard fill rug. In a nutshell – more warmth with less weight.

The thermo-bonded fibre fill used in this system retains its loft over time even through washing which in turn helps your rug maintain optimal heat retention.

Why is this good for me and my horse?

For you, it means less physical weight to lift onto your horse’s back.

For your horse, it means that he’s carrying less weight. And what’s more, for horses that struggle with holding condition or older horses, this can be an invaluable tool to aid in keeping them warm and cosy even on the coldest of nights.

By layering the fibre on the sides, the rug can sit closer on the horse’s body, trapping the warm air and allowing greater belly coverage underneath.

So, what does this look like?

The thermal image on the left below shows the heat loss over the back and hips from a standard turn out rug.

The thermal image on the right below shows no heat loss. The heat is trapped under the Vari Layer.

Horseware Thermal Imaging

The photo below shows the Vari-Layers of a Rambo Supreme rug where the outer waterproof layer has been removed to demonstrate the different layers of a Vari-Layer heavyweight rug.

horseware vari layer

The Vari-Layer technology is available on all your favourite Horseware ranges, e.g. Rambo, Rhino and Amigo. 

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