How To Ride A Horse In The Rain

How To Ride A Horse In The Rain

It’s important to know what to do in the rainy weather.  Here are tips for making the best of things when the weather turns ugly…

Watch your horse's ears carefully. They can tell you a lot about what he's thinking. If they are turned slightly back when you’re riding, it means he's somewhat calm and is listening to you. It also means that he trusts you to lead him to safety, so don't let him down! If they are pricked forward, he’s curious about something, possibly the distant rain clouds. And if they're slapped back against his head and you can see the whites of his eyes, you’ll need to reassure him, so don’t let him down!


If you choose to ride in the rain, check the weather forecast before you do to be sure that it is only going to rain. If you’re out riding and you get caught in a sudden downpour, your horse might try to turn around so its rump is to the wind and rain, with its head down. This is how horses stand in bad weather to protect themselves.

Remember that rain can change the footing on familiar bridleways. Heavy sudden rain can make pathways slick and expose roots or rocks that might not have been there before.

Indoor Riding

Even when riding in an indoor arena, the noise of heavy rain on any sort of roof can be very loud. This can cause the horse to become unsettled and spooky. If you feel able and safe to do so, try to ride through it. It may bother you more than it actually does your horse!

At Shows and Other Events

If you are at an event when it starts to rain, put your horse on the lorry or in the trailer if you’ve time to do so. Close the doors and especially the ramp if there is one to stop the rain getting in.

Whatever, be safe, try to stay calm and be confident even if you’re not!

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