How to care for riding breeches

how to care for riding breeches

You’ve probably spent a great deal of time and effort choosing a pair of breeches.  Possibly money too.  To keep your breeches looking and wearing great for a long time please follow these simple care instructions…

Colour matters!

Usually the colour of riding breeches isn’t all that important.  However it is if you want low maintenance care.  Dark colours can be great for hiding any stains that you inevitably get when you’re anywhere near a horse! However you’ll probably take more care to keep light or competition breeches clean.  If you don’t want your beige or white breeches to get too dirty, consider investing in some waterproofs to help keep you clean.  You can shop our waterproof riding wear collection here.


Most breeches can be washed in a normal washing machine at 30 or 40°C.  Before washing, remove as much dust and horse hair as possible by either shaking or brushing your breeches.  Before you put them in the washing machine, remember to turn them inside out.  Breeches with a leather seat or knee patches should be washed with special leather laundry solution.  However breeches with synthetic seat or knee patches can be washed with regular detergent.  I always wash mine in non-biological detergent.  Always make sure you rinse them thoroughly. 


Don’t dry your breeches in the tumble dryer. Rather, hang or lie flat to dry. Don’t dry the breeches in the sunlight as it can cause cracking or splitting.  As soon as the wash cycle has finished, hang them up or lay them flat to dry indoors at room temperature.

Hopefully by following these simple steps, your breeches will last and look great too.

Anything else?

Yes, this is just one in a series of articles about riding breeches. Why not take a moment now and read the first one here about the history of jodhpurs?


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