What should my horse wear for schooling?

what should your horse wear whilst being schooled?

In my last blog, we looked at what the rider can wear for a schooling session.  In this blog we look at what the horse can wear for a schooling session…

First and Foremost

While you can actually ride a horse without a saddle pad, it’s not sensible to do so as you may put unnecessary strain and stress on an animal's back and potentially hurt them.  Kingsland’s saddle pads look great and are highly functional in that the bamboo lining enables the pad to dry more quickly and also serves as antibacterial agent at the same time.  The Kingsland Classic Saddle Pad is a good example and is always available as it’s part of their Classic Collection.  If you’re looking for a wider selection of colours, try HKM’s range of saddle pads.  You’ll definitely find something that will be suitable and they’re very reasonably priced.

To boot or not to boot?  That is the question.

Leg protection is a very personal decision. Boots and bandages both have their own pros and cons. Boots are quicker and easier and give more protection than bandages.  You may consider using boots for on a younger horse who is possibly a bit fidgety to tack up or more likely to knock themselves when they work as they are weaker and more wobbly.  If you prefer a wrap as opposed to a boot how about HKM’s Sports Wraps? Or if you want to be want something a little showier, how about HKM’s range of patent boots.  They do matching brushing and overreach boots.

Bandages tend to offer a bit more support and are less likely to rub, but they must be put on correctly otherwise it can cause injuries if they are too tight or rucked up.  Therefore bandages are better for more established and advanced horses to give more support to the tendons and joints. If you want optimal protection, use a wrap underneath as it makes the support a bit thicker and it also stops the legs getting too hot.  Try Horze Chooze Elastic Bandages underneath any of the fabulous colours from our extensive range available from HKM.

Cut out the noise

Show jumpers started the fashion for ear bonnets, ear nets, fly veil, riding hood or whatever you want to call them!  Now it seems that dressage riders are following suit.  So why not be right on trend with one.  Once again HKM have the widest selection of colours so they’re bound to have something that will match your boots or bandages and your saddle cloth.

And last but not least

As equestrians we all want to ride to the very best of our ability but when you ride, why not add a touch of glamour and style while you’re in the saddle.  Be co-ordinated.  You can still be completely functional too.   If you look good, you’ll ride well.  I do.  Try it and see!



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