Montar Equestrian Clothing

Montar equestrian clothing

This week our brand spotlight features Montar, a Danish company, that’s a recent entrant to the UK equestrian market. Run by husband and wife team, Birgitte and Morten Hegelund, they’re all set to disrupt the market by bringing fashion into a world that has been dominated by functionality for many years. Read on to find out more…

Tell us a bit about yourselves

Birgitte HegelundBirgitte has always been an entrepreneur and business woman. After studying languages, sales and accounting, she owned and managed several businesses, some of which were in fashion. Passionate about many aspects of Montar, her particular passion is for design and development.

Morten HegelundMorten’s area of expertise is management. He’s managed multi- million pound companies along with hundreds of staff. Recognising the importance of keeping ahead of the competition, he aims to be at the forefront of developments that take place in the market.

And what is Montar?

Montar is what the UK market has been waiting for: it brings ‘high street fashion’ to equestrians and is the equestrian world’s answer to the world of fashion. They follow the latest trends in the fashion world and incorporate them in to the riding wear they offer. Never before have words like ‘Design’, ‘Trends’ and ‘Fashion’ been used in the design and development of products whose top priority has been ‘Function’. Hoorah, I hear you say!

A quick glance at their range will show you that they’re bang up to date with the latest designs and colours.

They’ve decided to let other brands compete for the conservative riders who only wear navy and black, daring to appeal instead to be known for a stylish pair of leopard skin breeches with Swarovski stones.

Montar Bamboo Full Seat Breeches

Tell us about riders that buy Montar

Montar target riders who follow trends, who change their look, who buy clothes because they want to look and feel good without spending a fortune. Their ‘Essential’ range of clothing and footwear, permanently available, is designed for both men and women. It offers great quality and comfort.

Montar Bamboo Silicone Knee Patch Breeches

Alongside this range, they design a number of collections each year that are inspired by the world of fashion. The collections contain stylish pieces that still maintain functionality, fit and comfort. You’re probably thinking now that these will come with a large price tag but you’d be wrong. Thanks to Birgette and Morten’s good business acumen and their experience, Montar is able to price their collections at a level that most riders can afford.

Why should riders buy Montar clothing?

Montar has developed its products in association with a panel of experts who possess unique expertise and understanding in their field. They also work closely with many different riders, from those who only ride at the weekend to professionals. They plan to stay close to the riders they work with along with retailers like EQUUS, as wisely, they realise that this is the only way to be sure to hear about their needs.

Where can I buy Montar clothing?

Pleased you asked! You can shop Montar Clothing on the EQUUS website and enjoy free UK delivery on the whole collection.


Kim Horton

Co-Founder of EQUUS and a keen equestrian, when Kim's not at her desk she's with her horse, Waldo.

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