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Veredus Magnetik Hoof Boots

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The Veredus Magnetik Hoof Boots offer magnetic therapy and have a number of benefits for your horse. They can help to reduce pain and swelling, stimulates blood circulation in the hoof which can help in cases of laminitis and navicular. Magnetic boots can also help to accelerate toxin elimination and the regenerative processes making them great for rehabilitation. Each boot is equipped with 10 neodymium magnets that develop a power of 2400 Gauss each, distributed in correspondence with the heel bulbs, the pastern and the coronet. 


equus bullet Magnetic therapy boots with a number of benefits.

equus bullet "Aerox" material, lined and edged in Lycra, it guarantees maximum comfort and allows perfect transpiration of the leg.

equus bullet Non-invasive and non-doping.

equus bullet 10 magnets.

equus bullet Sold in pairs.

equus bullet Available in Black

Suggested uses

In the stable, before or after exercise.

Size Guide

Available in sizes: Full (Medium).