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Veredus Curium Soap

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equus bullet The Veredus Curium Soap is designed for leather and contains glycerine, lanoline and coconut oil.

equus bullet Cleans and nourishes deep down. 

equus bullet Polishes all kinds of leather whilst enhancing natural softness and suppleness.

The Veredus Curium Soap cleans, nourishes and polishes all kinds of leather. It contains three main ingredients. Glycerine, a traditional substance for cleaning and making leather supple. Lanoline that is a natural softening and nourishing grease and coconut oil, a very fine, natural oil that keeps leather polished and bright for a long time.

Usage Instructions

Spray the soap on to the area to be cleaned and rub with a cloth.

Size Guide

Available in one size, 500ml spray bottle.