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Veredus Carbon Gel Absolute Tendon Boots

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The Veredus Carbon Gel Absolute Tendon Boots are wider, stronger and safer. The Absolute is the new frontier of complete protection. These horse tendon boots have developed the concept of total protection by extending the protective surface of the gel and carbon from the flexor tendon down to the fetlock in an innovative inverted Y shape. Ultra light and super protective, the carbon makes the shell highly resistant to shocks, especially in the areas of the flexor tendon and fetlock which is often where jumping injuries occur due to the risk of impact from the hind and adjacent legs. 

The Nitrexgel 3mm membrane is able to dissipate impacts by over 40% ensuring maximum safety and great comfort. The new Carbon Gel Absolute, specifically designed for show jumping, collects all the legacy and characteristics of the Vento line, maintaining double ventilation, ensuring an exceptional degree of breathability and comfort. Signed by Marcus Ehning.


equus bullet Anatomical shape that guarantees maximum comfort and perfect positioning on the horse's limb.

equus bullet Wider and more extensive carbon and gel protection.

equus bullet Greater support for the fetlock to prevent injury.

equus bullet Aerox microperforated neoprene. 3D mesh ducted fabric.

equus bullet Adjustable quick closure system with elastic straps.  

equus bullet Shock resistant shell for maximum protection. 

equus bullet Provides maximum double ventilation.

equus bullet Fetlock boots also available. 

equus bullet Rico Test RCT certified protection.

equus bullet Available in Black or Brown. 

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Available in Full (Medium) or Extra Full (Large).