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TopSpec No.1 Healthy Hoof

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TopSpec's No.1 Healthy Hoof supplement is an additive designed to be fed to horses and ponies with poor hoof quality. It will greatly improve the quality of most horses' feet over a 9-12 month period. This granular, caramel flavoured product can be mixed into any feed daily. Conforms to the BETA UFAS NOPS code for HRA/FEI competition use. A 3kg tub will last a 500kg horse approximately 30 days.

Feeding Guidelines 

For an average 500kg horse feed 100g per day split between feeds where possible.

What's in it 

Biotin, Methionine, Zinc, Copper, Iodine, Calcium, Vitamin A.

Size Guide

Available in a 3 or 9 kilogram tub.