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ThinLine Busy Buddy Halter

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equus bullet The ThinLine Busy Buddy Halter from KM Elite is a horse relaxation tool. 

equus bullet Great for clipping, farrier, vet or grooming. 

equus bullet Easily fits loosely into your horse's mouth. 

equus bullet Encourages relaxation without without using supplements, medications, or harsh techniques such as twitches.

equus bullet Designed to be used with a headcollar. 

equus bullet Can be used while lunging without a bridle, encourages relaxation of the jaw and muscles over the back.

The ThinLine Busy Buddy from KM Elite is designed to help your horse to relax. It can help relaxation during grooming, clipping, farrier and vet visits, without the need for supplements, medications, or harsh techniques such as twitches.


The ThinLine Busy Buddy should fit loosely into your horses mouth, not pulling on the corners. Find the position where they begin to chew. It should sit just below the crease of the mouth, not tight as it will then be associated with the bit and not a relaxation tool. It should  just on the tongue low enough that they feel the urge to chew. I’d say a finger’s width or just below the crease is good. No wrinkles should be seen.


Made of industrial, hospital-grade Latex tubing, ThinLine bit guards, elasticated rope and 2 clips for the Halter Busy Buddy or one clip and a ring for the Bridle.

Size Guide

 Available in one size. Up to full size. 

18″ – 71,12cm in length
10″ – 25.4  cm of Latex.